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$ hexo -h
Usage: hexo <command>

  help     Get help on a command.
  init     Create a new Hexo folder.
  version  Display version information.

Global Options:
  --config  Specify config file instead of using _config.yml
  --cwd     Specify the CWD
  --debug   Display all verbose messages in the terminal
  --draft   Display draft posts
  --safe    Disable all plugins and scripts
  --silent  Hide output on console

For more help, you can use 'hexo help [command]' for the detailed information
or you can check the docs:


命令 描述
hexo init [folder] 初始化网站
hexo new [layout] 新建文章
hexo publish [layout] 发布草稿
hexo generate 生成静态文件
hexo server 启动本地服务器
hexo deploy 远程部署
hexo clean 清理数据库和静态文件
hexo list 列出站点信息
hexo version 版本信息